As a speaker, I facilitate people to retain and revive their time and energy to perform better in their personal domain and professional environment with better learning and understanding on their affairs of life and work more systematically.

I have 10 years of experience in HRD Consulting and Coaching with professionals from public and private sectors in the fields of education, technology, media, fashion, hospitality, healthcare, retail and manufacture across India. I have addressed mass gatherings of parents, teachers, students and audiences of associations, forums and clubs on multiple topics as a public speaker.

As a writer, I have my articles and books published, my poems and songs released in English and Malayalam publications and albums.

I served as an Assistant Professor in Bhopal School of Social Sciences (BSSS) immediately after completing my master's degrees in Human Resource Management, English Literature and Philosophy. I reside with my family in Kerala, India.


I am confidently willing to engage in more challenging and learning adventures of speaking and writing. I welcome you to come up with more creative and innovative proposals for me.


I am at your service in just a call or mail away as a Speaker, Consultant and Trainer in your HRD related needs and challenges especially in self management and talent management. Here, I introduce you, KNOHAU, a set of Know How schemes for training and learning that are proven to be efficient and effective to refresh the workforce and stakeholders of your organization periodically.

TOP 20 Topics of KNOHAU

01 Dynamics of Assertive Personality
02 Professionalism Made Easy
03 Discovery of Ideal Teacher
04 Know Your Child Scientifically
05 Stress Management Demystified
06 Practice of Positive Parenting
07 Idea of Holistic Health
08 Multiple Intelligence Detailed
09 Manners & Etiquettes in Action
10 Mechanism of Self Confidence
11 Learning Fundamentals
12 Plan & Practice of Life
13 Think Positive & Live Positive
14 Work – Life Balance
15 Happy Retirement
16 Career Planning Forever
17 Freedom Begets Happiness
18 You are Your Relationships
19 Gender Gap Given Up
20 U R Vs U ought 2 B!

NB: The ranking is randomly made on demand basis.


I am happy to take up writing assignments of almost all literary genres on mutually agreed topics and purposes. I write articles and essays for magazines, journals and dailies on contents in the spheres of psychology, philosophy and science such as education, learning, self help, talent management, human behavior, social change, technological impact, cultural ethics, rationality and future world. I have my poems and songs fulfilled in albums in addition to books published both in English and in Malayalam.


  • Lectures on Human Rights

    Series of Lectures on Human Rights for the students and faculties of BSSS (Bhopal) as part of their certificate course in Human Rights

  • Workshop on Call to Greatness

    Two days online workshop on Call to Greatness for Christian youth in Assam on 03rd and 04th Oct 2020.

  • Keynote Address on Changing Face of Leadership

    An address on Changing Face of Leadership at young entrepreneurs summit on 24th Sept 2020 at Kochi, Kerala.

  • HR Lectures

    A series of lectures on topics related to HRM for students and teachers of BSSS (Bhopal) as part of their diploma course in Human Resource Management from 22nd Sept to 05th Oct 2020.

  • Exams Made Easy

    Training programs for students in 10th & 12th classes and their parents to prepare for final examinations systematically... 27th Jan 03rd Feb 2020... Delhi, Jhansi, Mathura...

  • Orientation for Parents

    Orientation on Positive Parenting for PTA, St Patric Academy, Pune on 28th December 2019.

  • Training tour to various schools and colleges.

    Training tour to various schools and colleges in North India from 15th to 24th December 2019.


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  • Phone+91 94954 84811
  • AddressKochi, Kerala, India